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Plan a Romantic Getaway to a Minnesota Bed and Breakfast

Romantic getaway at a Minnesota Bed and BreakfastIf you are thinking of planning a romantic getaway, we have the perfect getaway destination in mind. It involves one of our Minnesota Bed and Breakfast members, which just so happens to be the perfect place to spend that coveted one-on-one time you’re craving. You’ll find the perfect romantic accommodations at a Minnesota Bed and Breakfast.

Providing romantic settings for these purposes is something we take immense pride in. Minnesota has rightfully earned itself a reputation as a destination for both romantics and adventurers, and there’s no saying the two don’t go hand in hand! This winter, it’s your turn to get a taste of the famous Minnesota Nice hospitality. Book a romantic getaway with us this winter, and enjoy all we have to offer at the finest Bed and Breakfasts in all of Minnesota. Read More »

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10 Fun things to do in Minnesota This Fall

10 Things to do in Minnesota in October 2019If you’re looking for fun things to do in Minnesota this Fall, you’re in luck. October is a special month in Minnesota. The fall season itself doesn’t last very long, but it is vibrantly colored and filled with plenty of fun things to see and do. And October is at the heart of all of it. Visit one of our member Bed and Breakfasts this fall, where you’ll enjoy exceptional hospitality and incomparable local knowledge. Use our convenient search tool to find the property you want to visit, then book your getaway today! Read More »

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It’s Time to Get Haunted in Minnesota

Get Haunted in Minnesota this FallIt’s October; the month many people around the country visit frighteningly haunted places. Minnesota Bed and Breakfasts are busy celebrating what has so far been an extraordinarily colorful fall and enjoying the sights, sounds, and flavors of the season with our guests.  If you’re still looking for ways to enjoy this short but busy season, take a look at our most recent blogs.

But if you’re ready to move on from fall colors and enjoy some of the other aspects of fall, we’re here to help!  October is the perfect time to visit a Minnesota Bed and Breakfast. Why not push those boundaries a little and enjoy a haunted adventure? It is the season of screams and scares, after all. As you make your plans, be sure to use our convenient search tool to find your perfect Minnesota lodging. Read More »

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Get your 2019-2020 Ski Tickets at Spirit Mountain

2019-2020 season at Spirit Mountain in DuluthSpirit Mountain Recreation Area, located in the rugged outdoor-focused town of Duluth, Minnesota, is one of the state’s most popular places for downhill skiers and snowboarders. Given its incredible popularity and proximity to the A.G. Thomson House Bed and Breakfast, it’s never too soon to start talking about ski season. In fact, Spirit Mountain Recreation Area is still offering discounts on their season passes, and opening day is just around the corner.

Needless to say, all things snow are certainly on our minds. A.G. Thomson House Bed and Breakfast is located less than 20 minutes from this incredible ski hill and only a few hours from Minneapolis-St. Paul. It’s the perfect getaway destination this winter, and now is the time to start planning!  Get your tickets for the season, and then make your reservations at our incredible Duluth Bed and Breakfast. Read More »

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5 Places to See the Best Minnesota Fall Colors

10 Best places to see Minnesota Fall Colors in 2019Are you ready to see the best fall colors in Minnesota? Fall is truly one of the most beautiful times to visit a variety of destinations across the country, including Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire. Minnesota is also exceptionally beautiful each fall, as the fiery hues of autumn work their way from north to south, spreading like fire across the state. For Innkeepers at Minnesota Bed and Breakfasts, keeping an eye out for that breathtaking moment when fall colors reach their peak is something we look forward to every year. More importantly, we look forward to sharing this moment with our guests, helping to guide them as they head out in search of the Best Minnesota fall colors. Fall in Minnesota is unforgettable, but to see it in 2019 you need to act fast. Browse through our collection of Inns around the state, and book your fall getaway to a Minnesota Bed and Breakfast today. Read More »

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10 Minnesota State Parks to Visit This Fall

10 Great Minnesota State Parks to Visit This FallHow many of the Minnesota State Parks have you seen? We’re guessing there are at least one or two left to discover, and this fall is your perfect opportunity to do exactly that.  Come explore Minnesota’s most wild and untouched lands with us this fall, as you take the time to travel around and get to know this incredible state. From natural wonder to natural wonder, there are 67 State Parks in Minnesota to explore, each with something unique worth exploring.

Let our Innkeepers guide you on an incredible journey around the land of 10,000 lakes this fall. A full day of adventure demands comfortable accommodations at the end of the day.  For that, nothing beats our collection of Minnesota Bed and Breakfasts.  Book your stay with us today! Read More »

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Enjoy the 2019-2020 Season at the Duluth Playhouse

Enjoy the 2019-2020 season at the Duluth PlayhouseThe Duluth Playhouse is one of our favorite venues, and is someplace we love to send guests when they’re in town.  While there’s still plenty to do outside in Duluth this fall, it’s always nice to have a plan for those rainy, and eventually, snowy days that are certain to come. It’s easy to be misled but the often rugged reputation of a town like Duluth.

Though there are some really fun, yet rugged activities to do here–like mountain biking, skiing, hiking, and rock climbing, to name a few, there are just as many ways to enjoy a refined and culture activity.  In fact, the performing arts community of Duluth is anything but ordinary, and one backbone of this incredible community is the Duluth Playhouse.  Check out their performances, pick up some tickets for the upcoming season, and then book your room at the luxurious A.G. Thomson House Bed and Breakfast in Duluth. Read More »

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It’s Almost Time for 2019’s Fall Colors in Duluth

Come See the Fall Colors in Duluth an stay at our luxury Bed and BreakfastMinnesota’s summers are spectacular, and we’re never really ready to say goodbye to our busiest and most adventurous season.  That being said, there is something very special about fall in Minnesota, when the fiery hues of autumn sweep down from north to south, setting the hills awash in color. Whether you enjoy taking scenic drives, hiking directly into the natural world, or otherwise marveling at Mother Nature’s annual show, the place to enjoy it all is our Duluth Bed and Breakfast.  Fall colors are coming to Duluth soon, and now’s the time to plan your trip. The luxurious accommodations at the A.G. Thomson House Bed and Breakfast are just the ticket.  Book your room with us today! Read More »

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Tall Ships Are Coming Back to Lake Superior in Duluth

See the Tall Ships Next time you stay at our Duluth Bed and BreakfastAt the very heart of Duluth is Lake Superior, the largest, and arguably the most beautiful, of the Great Lakes. Just about everywhere you go in Duluth, whether shopping, dining, or enjoying downtown, or hiking in the pristine forests surrounding the town, breathtaking views of Lake Superior are everywhere. This summer, Duluth’s harbor will transform yet again, with the awesome sight of historic tall ships pulling into town. Ship watching in Duluth is a popular pastime, but it’s made even better when the tall ships are on the horizon. Come stay at our luxury Bed and Breakfast in Duluth this summer, and enjoy the 2019 Festival of Sail with us. Read More »

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Go Trout Fishing in Duluth This Summer

Trout Fishing in DuluthThis summer is the perfect opportunity to get out and do a little fishing.  Minnesota is home to an incredible variety of lakes and streams suitable for fishing. Though there is plenty of fish to go after, the Duluth area, in particular, is home to some delightful trout fishing.  In fact, there are 16 designated trout streams in the Duluth area to check out. If a day spent on these streams, soaking up the beautiful natural surroundings of Duluth and waiting for the perfect fish to bite, then book your room at our Duluth Bed and Breakfast, and come fishing this summer. Read More »

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