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Where to Find Minnesota Wildflowers This Spring

Hikes to Minnesota Wildflowers

Heading out in nature and enjoying the vast array of Minnesota wildflowers and other natural scenery is one of our favorite parts of spring and summer.  Across the state, there are a number of incredible nature preserves, parks, and hiking trails to explore, many of which have extensive blooms to enjoy. And, the best part about seeing these colorful wildflowers is that they can be enjoyed while still following social distancing guidelines.

Minnesota wildflowers bloom at various times throughout the year, with some making their appearance as early as April, and most peaking around June. You might not able to share in your wildflower joy with your favorite Innkeeper this spring, but we can still offer you our best tips and tricks when it comes to enjoying this incredible state we call home.  And, hopefully, soon enough, you’ll be brightening the halls around our Inns again.

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7 Sensational Hikes to Minnesota Wildflowers

There are an abundance of wildflowers that grow all around Minnesota. Plant enthusiasts can find an extensive database of the wildflowers growing in Minnesota online, but where can you actually find these wildflowers? As it turns out, in quite a few places around the state!

Even though we’re still safely practicing social distancing in Minnesota, getting outside for some valuable time in Mother Nature is essential.  Right now, hiking is one of our favorite activities.  It’s also a great way to see some wildflowers!  Popular wildflower species include things like Carolina Delphinium, Prairie Turnip, Blue-eyed Grass, Silky Aster, various Gentian species, Bracted Spiderwort, Wild Bergamot, Prairie Phlox, Large-flowered Beard Tongue, Blanket-flower, Curly-cup Gumweed, Western Prairie Fringed Orchid, and so much more.

Hikes to Minnesota Wildflowers

Though you can see Minnesota Wildflowers in just about any natural area in the state, here are a few of our favorite hikes and parks that are commonly known to have great wildflower blooms.

  • Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden And Bird Sanctuary at Theodore Wirth Park near Minneapolis. The area is home to an extensive variety of native prairie, wetland, and woodland wildflowers. As the name suggests, it’s a great place for more than just wildflowers; it’s also ideal for birding enthusiasts.
  • Jay Cooke State Park near Duluth is a great place to find wildflowers, and with more than 50 miles of hiking trails, there is plenty of opportunity for exploration. Orchids are a particularly popular spring bloom to enjoy in the park.
  • Nerstrand-Big Woods State Park becomes a veritable wildflower garden each spring. It’s also one of the few places you can still find the endangered dwarf trout lily.
  • Whitewater State Park near St. Charles is a popular place to view wildflowers.  Typically, they hold a wonderful series of wildflower walks, though those have so far been canceled for the year.
  • Interstate State Park near St. Croix is a wonderful place to head later on in May when the columbines and trilliums start their annual bloom cycle.
  • Great River Bluffs State Park near Winona is a great place to see prairie’s of wildflowers, as is Blue Mounds State Park in southern Minnesota.
  • Later on in the spring and into the early summer months is a great time to head north to places like Lake Bemidji State Park and Itasca State Park, both of which have wildflowers like wild calla, wild iris, sundew, and even some rare plants like ladies-tresses orchids.

Hikes to Minnesota Wildflowers

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