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Get Haunted in Duluth This Fall

Haunted Ship in Duluth, MinnesotaSo far, it’s been an extraordinary fall in the colorful city of Duluth. All around the shores of Lake Superior and up into the hills, the colorful autumnal hues of fall are on full display.  It’s a wonderful time to be outside, with one adventure after another calling you to this adventurous city.  But, there’s more to Duluth than pretty fall colors and great outdoor adventures. Do you believe in ghosts? There’s a spooky side to Duluth’s history, and this fall is a wonderful time to go on a haunted adventure. Book your room at the luxurious A.G. Thomson House Bed and Breakfast in Duluth today.

The Most Haunted Places in Duluth

We expect a lot of guests to come through Duluth during the coming months. The peak fall foliage season typically stretches from mid-September through mid-October, and there are plenty of hikes and scenic drives in the area that will take you into the colorful heart of fall. While you’re in town, it’s also a great time to experience a different side of Duluth; the haunted side!  There are several reports of haunted buildings and cemeteries in the area, but beyond that, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite haunted attractions in the Duluth area this fall:

  • William A. Irvin Haunted Ship is one of Duluth’s most popular haunted attractions during the fall.  They put on an incredible haunted tour, complete with actors.  Beyond that, though, the ship is reported to actually be haunted.  Most notably, visitors have reported seeing a lady dressed in white that walks the ship, mostly on the deck.  Two other men are said to haunt the ship as well.  One of the doesn’t know what happened to him, but the other was killed when he fell from his ladder while welding.
  • Over the years, the Duluth Depot has been central to many ghost stories told in Duluth, most of which are connected to the trains that once ran through here.
  • Fairlawn Mansion, a victorian mansion turned museum, is said to be haunted by a ghost, who is often mistaken as a tour guide.  You’ll know it’s here if you feel a cold, damp chill in the air while touring.  Turn your fear up a notch this fall, and come see the mansion lit only by the light of flashlights.
  • Similarly, Glensheen Mansion is said to be haunted by former workers and Congdon family members.  The ghost of Elizabeth Congdon is said to be wandering the mansion messing around with the lights. Apparently, her love of reading has turned the library into a paranormal hotspot. There have also been reports of disembodied screams coming from the house after dark.
  • Haunted DuluthOne of the most haunted place in Duluth MN is said to be Denfeld High Auditorium. Apparently, a former teacher at the school died there and is still lingering, mostly backstage re-arranging backdrops and messing with scripts, props and costumes.
  • The Enger Tower is home to a haunting local legend.  It’s said that a man committed suicide in 1948 by jumping off of the fifth level of Enger Tower. Visitors have seen the man on the 5th floor of the tower before they enter, but he always disappears before they get to the top.
  • Nopeming Sanatorium, once used to treat tubuerculosis patients, has seen plenty of deaths within its walls. There were also several who committed suicide by throwing themselves from the balconies. In fact, they eventually had to install metal bars in order to stop the suicides. These same spirits are believed to haunt this now-abandoned building.
  • If you’re short on time, take the Duluth Experience’s Dark History Bus Tour.
  • For an extra thrill, come in costume and ride the Terror Train with the North Shore scenic Railroad. It’s an incredible fun, adults-only costume party.
  • Also, if you’re looking for a little old-fashioned fall fun, head to Engwalls corn maze.  Beyond their traditional family fun, they also host a haunted maze, and flashlight nights.

Beyond relishing the gorgeous hues of fall and scaring yourself silly at these haunted destinations, there’s plenty to do in the Duluth area this fall. Start your fall getaway off on the right foot, and book your stay at Duluth’s top Bed and Breakfast today.

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