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Participate in a murder at the Maple Knoll Inn


The year is 1923 and you have been subpoenaed by the Rush City Police to the Maple Knoll Inn Bed and Breakfast. You, your significant other, and up to two other couples are suspects in a murder. You will need to solve the murder by asking questions and sharing information. <strong>Remember</strong><em>, <em>you may be the murderer.</em>

The mystery requires four people but we have roles for up to six people! Four makes a great mystery, but six makes it even more fun! So pick a weekend and invite another couple(s), the Inn has three rooms, who would have a great time at a murder mystery. Book your rooms and let us know you want to participate in our murder mystery package.

In advance of the stay, each participant will receive a packet with information about their character as well as details only they will know. Each participant needs to be checked in by 8 pm. Round 1 will take place in the dining room at 8 pm sharp. During that time you ask questions and share details you know. After the first round is over, you will be given additional information for round 2. During the rest of the evening, enjoy our accommodations.

In the morning, all participants will meet at the same time for breakfast in the dining room. While eating breakfast you will participate in round 2. At the end of breakfast you will be asked to to solve the murder.

This event is great way to have fun with your friends! Contact us today for availability and rates!

Can’t stay the entire weekend? No problem, we can modify the event. Contact us and we can make the event fit your timing.

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