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Duluth is Open for Business!!

The Historic Bed and Breakfast Inns of Duluth want to reassure all of our guests that the city of Duluth is open for business!!!

While we had quite a bit of heavy rain over a short period of time, the city of Duluth has fared very well, with all of the main tourist attractions, highways, restaurants, shops, downtown and Canal Park  ready and eager for your business.  There are a couple of attractions that are currently not operating so we would suggest checking out the specific websites of those attractions you would like to visit and confirm their status.

Interstate 35 is open, as well as Highway 61 up the North Shore.  There is a detour around the Knife River Bridge, but travels up the North Shore have no major issues.

We are aware of the news reports in the press suggesting that Duluth is devastated, so we just wanted to reassure everyone that it is not the case.  Many of the photographs and areas being reported are far south of Duluth in the Moose Lake area, Jay Cooke State Park, and Carlton County.

You can also visit our convention bureau’s website for up-to-date travel information at Visit Duluth.

Duluth and the Historic Bed and Breakfast Inns are eager to greet you and continue to share the incredible beauty and serenity that our city and our Inns excel at!

The Historic Bed and Breakfast Inns of Duluth look forward to welcoming you!!


A message from Mayor Don Ness on June 21, 2012:

Duluth is open for business!!! Please spread the word that it IS safe to travel to Duluth and travel our city streets. Crews have worked diligently over the past 36 hours to blockade those unsafe streets – other streets are safe for travel. Please do come to Duluth and support our local businesses – they could use the support.

We can’t afford a lost weekend in late June – these days are critical to the success of our local business owners. If you’re able, get out an spend a few dollars – it’ll help get these businesses through a tough time.

The League of Minnesota Cities is having their convention, right now. Over 300 people from across the state made it safely to Duluth. We have great events this weekend including the Park Point Art Fair. Please help spread the word to the region that these events ARE going forward and it would be a huge boost to our community to have successful events.

Stay vigilant and use common sense. Don’t approach the streams and DON’T drive around barricades!

More updates to come – it has been a busy but very productive day. Thanks for all of the support, prayers, and offers to help. Right now, the best help you can give is to your neighbor and your favorite small businesses – the larger community projects will come down the line.

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