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The Minnesota B & B Association
So what do I get for my dues?


We maintain links to the tourism community

  • We keep the lines of communication open with aggressive and articulate advocacy for small inns.
  • We keep on file a Midwest industry study to provide research. Occupancy averages, ADR, and general topics of interest to financiers and media We keep in contact with the Professional Association of Innkeepers and the University of Minnesota with regard to changes/trends in the industry.

We raise public awareness ---------- Marketing, marketing, marketing.

  • Our consumer Web site, www.minnesotabedandbreakfasts.org hosts thousands of visitors and gives them a direct link to your inn. The site also includes a blog to share specials and community events in your area to further promote the individual efforts of MBBA members.
  • We produce an annual guidebook with each member featured with description and full color photo. This guidebook is distributed through the Minnesota Office Of Tourism info stops as well as city chambers and CVBs and libraries, coffee shops and, of course, member inns. Circulation is 25,000.
  • Our connection with other state associations helps us keep abreast of trends in the industry and stay competitive on a national level.
  • MBBA is featured in numerous media each year.
  • We offer a gift certificate program whereby consumers can purchase the opportunity to choose from the fine roster of Quality Assured MBBA members and experience a quality stay in Minnesota. Participating innkeepers receive 90% of the value and don’t have to pay credit card fees or promotion or handling.
  • We produced a cookbook series that further promotes the talents of our MBBA members and also acts as a guide to the state. These are made available to members wholesale so they may profit from selling them at their inn or gifting guests at a very reasonable cost. The series (Minnesota Mornings and Minnesota Mornings and Beyond) is so popular that subsequent printings of the first edition were printed at the publisher’s expense.
  • We seek out opportunities
  • We search for grant funding to help support your organization and keep your dues low. For the past five years we have applied for and received a state grant that helps support the guidebook as well as advertise the guidebook. (This year an ad in Midwest Living resulted in over 800 guidebooks being mailed out to individuals. This does not even begin to touch the number of visitors the ad sent to the MBBA site. We keep you informed about changes and opportunities in the tourism industry (examples are the birding workshops through Minnesota Office of Tourism MOT and the Green Routes Program through Renewing the Countryside.)
  • Our collaborations with various governmental divisions and advocacy organizations increase the likelihood of network and coalition partnerships for our members. Recent connections include the study of sustainable tourism in Minnesota and also the study of vacation rentals and how it affects our industry. We have filed position statements for the industry after much study from various committees of the MBBA.
  • Partnerships with private companies like European Roasterie (coffee roaster), Velocity Payment Systems (credit card processing) MBBA endorsed providers offer incredible service and pricing to our members and also give MBBA financial advantages.

We educate people on the industry

  • We strive proactively to increase awareness of our industry. Our Director recently presented a workshop to a Serbian delegation of small business owners on the particulars of our quality assurance program.
  • Workshops are given at the MOT State Conferences representing promotions that innkeepers find successful.
  • Cooking demonstrations are given at the Eco building at the State Fair by MBBA members sharing the sensibility of using locally grown foods.
  • Other committee involvement includes the Tourism Advisory Board of the U of M Tourism Center; agritourism committee of Renewing the Countryside; Several board members of the MBBA are also involved in representing the industry on state and local nonprofit boards.

We create a forum

  • We recognize your need to connect with other innkeepers to discuss issues and challenges you face, and to celebrate your achievements. We encourage regional associations with board members representing all five regions of the state.
  • We provide members with e-mail newsletters and recently added a survey feature to help keep our board in connection with members’ opinions of important issues.
  • We hold an Annual Conference every spring that includes sessions and workshops on a range of topics currently relevant to our industry and invite vendors who cater to our industry with special pricing and low minimums.

We offer professionalism

  • The Minnesota Bed and Breakfast Association is dedicated to professional standards of quality in the accommodations offered, security provided and professionalism of service and operations. While we recognize the need to protect the independence and individualism of bed and breakfast properties, we also acknowledge the importance of adhering to basic standards in terms of guest comfort and safety and host professionalism and integrity. The Quality Assurance or QA program endeavors to assure the traveling public that the approved B & Bs meet or exceed the standards of quality endorsed by the organization.
  • We offer workshops and sell workbooks to aspiring innkeepers striving to honestly represent the complications and details of this most labor intensive business.

We look to the future

  • We intend to keep you abreast of trends, changes, legislation and data that will keep you in top shape to serve your guests and cooperate with MOT year 2020 initiative.
  • This website was launched in June 2009. A company specializing in our industry was contracted for this exciting new venture-even more spectacular than our prior successful site. Agressive search engine optimization will be added soon.
  • We support a national industry study by encouraging our members’ participation in the efforts of a national association’s work. (Professional Association of Innkeepers International) It has been released

305 NW 2nd Street
Faribault, MN 55021
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