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It’s warmer by the Lake! Really!

Really…it is!  Those temps you see in the weather reports can be deceiving and do not take into account that great big mass of clear blue water that Duluth rests near.  It can truly be 20 degrees warmer at our Inn in the winter than it is up “over the hill”, or 20 degress cooler in the summer.  That’s the beauty and grandeur of Lake Superior.  So you’re wondering what my point is, right?  My point is that it is always a great time to visit Duluth – regardless of what the temperature might be.  Seriously, it’s all relative, isn’t it?!

Besides the sheer beauty of Duluth and Lake Superior, there are always great events happening around town.  The Tweed Museum of Art has an exhibit in March featuring 70 artworks that demostrate how related works of art, when viewed together, may best reveal common themes.   This is a fantastic place to visit if you haven’t been!  The Duluth Playhouse will be presenting “The Secret Garden” beginning March 3rd – 7th!  A classic and beloved novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett brought to life at the Playhouse and getting us ready for spring to arrive!  And much, much more…there’s never a dull moment around here!

So, head north for some warmer weather;  our guests from the “south”  tell us we have much less snow, so check it out for yourselves!  It’s always a great time to visit Duluth, and…it’s warmer by the Lake!  Really!!

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