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Minnesota Live Theater in November

Since 1989, the professional artists of the Commonweal have brought to life soulful stories told with honesty and creativity. Located in the heart of southeast Minnesota’s bluff country, Lanesboro (pop. 788) is home to the company’s new theater in its historic downtown.

Commonweal Theatre Lanesboro

Commonweal Theatre Lanesboro

The Commonweal Theatre in Lanesboro, Minnesota announces the opening and production of their 100th show: “A Midnight Dreary” by Scott Dixon, October 31st – November 15th, with previews on October 29th and 30th. From his hospital bed, Edgar Allan Poe – the first Master of the Macabre – wanders through a feverish dream mixing scenes from his life and works. But is he simply lost in a labyrinth of his own making, or being given a last chance to set things right?

 Hal Cropp, the theater company’s artistic director, directs the show. “This telling of Poe’s life,” says Cropp, “centers around the ghosts that ‘haunt’ us, and what it is about our lives that will echo on after we’ve gone. And the questions are raised in a manner that infuses the story with the beauty of Poe’s poetry and the titillation that accompanies his most famous stories.”
The Commonweal will offer preview performances on October 29th and 30th at 7:30 p.m. All preview tickets are $15.  All performances are in the new theater located at 208 Parkway Avenue North in downtown Lanesboro. Ticket prices are $25.  Tickets are available at 800-657-7025 or 507-467-2525 or by email at tickets@commonwealtheatre.org. For more information and online reservations, visit www.commonwealtheatre.org.

 Nestled in a deep valley on the Root River, Lanesboro, Minnesota offers visitors a wide variety of outdoor activities, first-rate theater, rich artistic experiences, unique shopping, a local winery and fine dining.  Lanesboro has been designated the Bed and Breakfast Capital of Minnesota offering  lodging choices to fit every taste and budget.

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