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Some call it Bed & Breakfast, some call it B&B and then there are some that say Inn

Whichever you want to call it, you are going to get a great breakfast at our house, if we can help it. When you come to our house, you can have that first cup of coffee on the deck, in your room, in the common room, or in the Great Room on that big leather sofa in front of the fireplace! There were those this weekend that wanted us to put the air conditioning on, so that we could light the fire in that hearth. The solution was to build a nice roaring fire in the firepit outside. It just isn’t cool enough to start that indoor fire yet.

The hummingbirds are declining in numbers and the feeding schedule is down to about 1 1/2 quart per day. I think that it is the youth that are still lingering. The Baltimore Orioles are up to about 1 quart of grape jelly every 3 days. I think that they are also helping with the hummingbird juice.

The canoes are both out today and that paddle down the lazy river seems to be the thing to do today. I hope that the eagle are in the nest!!!

The snacks will be freshly coming out of the oven when those paddlers return and the aroma will be inviting, if I don”t burn the muffins! I won’t, and they will be delicious!
I’ll put the coffee on too! Come on over and have a muffin with us at Embracing Pines Bed & Breakfasst…. www.embracingpines.com you will be glad that you did! >

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